About Us

Promises made, promises kept

Established as the nation’s premier developer of projects centered on gaming and horse racing, Revolutionary Racing has a proven record of working with regulators, investing in communities, creating new jobs and tax revenues, while also providing returns for their investors.

To date, more than $4B in economic development has been generated as a result of their developments, with additional projects now underway. The foundation for their focus begins with a genuine passion for horse racing and is rooted in wanting the sport to not just revive in key areas, but to thrive.

Many projects involve supporting the horse racing industry through the modernization of a state’s gaming laws, allowing the continued evolution of gambling seen with casinos and sports wagering.
That’s when the Revolutionary Racing team begins working with legislators to adapt laws and save horse racing. Legal in seven states, historic horse racing machines provide a casino-like entertainment experience at the track, providing the industry with year-round revenues to support operations and race-day purses.

“Promises made, promises kept” is a common refrain from Chairman Larry Lucas and it has been proven through numerous initiatives. In each, the group begins with ground-level outreach to local elected officials and community leaders, to identify the optimal location for an investment, while also building key allies in the horse racing community for support. That’s where promises are made and, as each will attest, are kept.